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Translate to the Russian language simple and easy

Technical English to Russian language translation

Technical Translation

Fast and high-quality technical translation for all aspects of engineering and manufacturing.

Legal English to Russian language translation

Legal Translation

Top-level legal translation services for law companies and clients, lawyers and legal teams.

Financial English to Russian language translation

Financial Translation

Secure and accurate financial translation services for banks, brokers, financial and insurance companies.

Marketing English to Russian language translation

Marketing Translation

Top-notch marketing translations that appeal to your target audience in their own language.

Scientific English to Russian language translation

Scientific Translation

Expert and reliable scientific translation services for researchers and academic institutions.

Website English to Russian language translation

Website Translation

All-in-one and hassle-free translation and localization services for your web content and websites.

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My Strong Points

With over 8 years of profound English to Russian translation experience and backed up by my small team of experts with unmatched proofreading and editing skills, I can ensure fast and on-time delivery of your documents with the utmost translation quality possible.

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Russian Language Translator

Smart Russian translation solutions

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I Know What Works for You, And What Doesn’t

Words matter. They have tremendous power. As a professional Russian language translator, I believe in making people in Russia understand English. That is why, back in 2012, I set out to make that happen. Now I provide cost-effective, professional Russian language translation services. Thus I deliver culturally appropriate language solutions so that Russian people can embrace the natural experience you intended.

To get your message on the grid, I have built a network of world-class editors and proofreaders. Together we process your requests at the speed of light to build bridges between you and your Russian audience with the highest quality possible.

To date, I have completed over 1200 projects for people and companies worldwide. I have translated millions of words from English into Russian and helped my clients achieve their goals in Russia.

As a team, we specialize in many translation domains, such as technology, marketing, legal, finance, life sciences, games, and media. All our clients receive a swift response and enjoy flexible project management from the first contact right to project delivery. My team offers different services, including translation, proofreading, editing, localization and LQA. All this makes us a one-stop solution for all your English to Russian translation needs.

Answers to Your Questions

How much does translation cost?

When it comes to translation, the price is usually defined on a per hour or per word basis. For example, you have a two-page document that you need to translate from English into Russian language. An average English page has 250 words. I offer three flexible pricing plans that will suit your purposes. For example, if you choose my Gold Pricing Plan, the total price for English to Russian language translation will be 60 USD (500 × 0.12 USD). You can also use my Translation Price Calculator to estimate the price of the translation.

How to make sure information remains confidential?

When it comes to translation, a lot of people worry about the confidentiality of their data. A professional Russian language translator makes sure that all personal and company information exchanged remains strictly confidential. I ensure this by signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement between my clients and me.

Do you have a translation degree?

Yes. I enrolled at the Moscow State Linguistic University in 2008. At first, I studied at the translation faculty there for 5 years with English as my primary language. After that, I took a 3-year course in military translation. As a result, I got my degree in Russian language translation in 2012 with additional specialization as a military translator. Since then, I have solely worked as a Russian language translator for many companies all around the world.

How to ensure translation quality?

There are three ways to estimate the quality of translation. The first one is to know the target language, which is not always possible. The second one is to hire an independent Russian language translator or proofreader. They will check the translation, but you will have to pay double. The third one is to make sure that a Russian translator complies to the so-called translation quality standards. As a Russian language translator, I follow ISO 17100:2015. This standard sets the core processes to deliver high-quality and certified Russian language translation services. Moreover, I offer three pricing plans with proofreading and editing services included. Thus, you can save money and make sure that the translation is correct.

How long does translation take?

A professional Russian language translator usually makes one page per hour or eight pages daily. For example, you have a three-page document that you need to translate from English into Russian. This said it will take less than a day to translate and deliver the documents to you.

Why translation is important?

People prefer their native language. Russian language translations bring you and your Russian audience together. This is essential if you want to get your business to the market of Russia and CIS countries. Speak to your clients in the language their heart speaks.

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